Box of 14 macarons

A box of macarons is always a well-received gift, whether to celebrate a special occasion or just because it's soooo good!

At Maison Délice, 363 Kerr Street, Oakville, we sell macarons in boxes of 7. Boxes of 14 macarons are available on demand. 

Prices: boxes of 7 are $12.99 and boxes of 14 are $24.99.

If Oakville is too far for you, we now ship in Canada, with Canada Post, using a special packaging that will protect your precious cargo.

In the winter, we use Express Post, which, depending on your location, will deliver your package within 1 or 3 days. Shipping costs vary, again, depending on your postal code, between $10 (for Ontario or Quebec) and $20 (for the West or East Coasts), but are the same whether you order one box or ten boxes, so group your orders with friends and families and share the costs!

In the summer, things are a bit different since Macarons are a perishable item and we have to use an overnight service, which is much more expensive. Again, shipping costs will be the same whether you order one box or ten boxes, so group your orders and save!

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Some of our flavours are sold at Maison Délice, 363 Kerr Street, Oakville.

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Tuesday-Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm 

For any other information or for a special order, please don't hesitate to send us an email or call Christine on her cell at


See you soon!

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